Issue 4 of MRV Magazine, Masculinity, delves into the concept of alpha males we no longer see and the bygone men of the past. Despite this, there is hope on the horizon. How does technology relate to gender fluidity? On the surface, it might seem unrelated, but digital technology has undeniably facilitated the emergence of hybrid identities. As a result, even the "natural" boundaries of bodies become blurred, leading to identities that are multiple, multifaceted, and hybrid. Fashion, too, plays a pivotal role in transcending these traditional boundaries.

Brand: Cristiano Burani Total Look
Photography: Amilcare Incalza @amilcareincalza
Creative Director & Fashion Editor: Veronica Mazziotta @veronicamazziotta
Art Direction & Graphic Production : Elisabedi Nikolaishvili @lizinikol
Video: Alberto Galli @lligalberto
Stylist: Veronica Mazziotta @veronicamazziotta
Hair & MUA: Rodrigo de Souza @rodrigodesouza_mr @blendmanagement
Models: Alessandro Rumiz @whynotmodels @rumizalessandro
Giosuè Ugo @monster_mgmt @z0lfo
Isabella Marani @whynotmodels
Producer: Asia Sardi @asiasardi
Agency: @the.meraviglia