Done in collaboration with the brand Ferrari through Istituto Marangoni. The brand asked to to develop a captivating communication piece that embodies the Ferrari style, with the specific goal of captivating the interest of Generation Z.

“When everyday life feels mundane, there is always something that can rekindle it”

Ferrari’s captivating performances have won the hearts of fans and followers, offering the new generation a distinctive version of said “performance” - Demonstrating the purpose and functionality of Ferraris apparel through this performance.

To the stage
Ferrari final campaign will be shot on site in the theatre : 

The performance at the same time, will be live-streamed on Ferraris website, where the viewers will be given a unique opportunity to cast their votes for their favourite performer, adding interactivity to the experience

Extending exclusive invitations to interesting individuals. The invitation is carefully crafted to match the event, which the people will be attending