BranD-ish is a university project.

We were asked to design a visual story that is Instagram based through the craft of images, text, gifs, and videos. The story should be linked to multipe accounts. The project should be curated to its details, providing elements of interactivity. I chose the magazine [BranD] which is an international bi-monthly magazine, focusing on Multidisciplinary Communication Design and did minor rebranding.

The magazine contains real interviews and real works from twelve artists which were featured in the original magazine BranD. The artists : Margherita Sabbioneda, Vikki Zhang, Raissa Pardini, Khyati Trehan, Arata Kubota, Niece Borges, Zifei Li, Seri Tanaka, Kristina Jandova, Bowyer, Carilla Karahan.  

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